How will YOU spend your summer?

Take a look at our Internship program and apply to be one of two Youth Camp Interns! 


Application deadline is April 15, 2016. Please take a moment to read the information below. Contact us with any further questions! 

This internship exists for two important reasons:

1. To provide support to the Ohio Youth Camp team in assisting the Camp Admin. Assistants with all preparation.

2. To provide a teaching environment for the intern to learn a wide range of skills, but also dealing with people in customer service, conflict resolution, organization, providing support to all camp teams in a ministry context.


How do student interns benefit from an Internship Program?

Students are seeking opportunities that stimulate their interests and provide real‐world experiences. This internship will provide opportunity to experience ministry in various ways, but specifically in two ways:

1. Serving with clerical/administrative tasks and planning, following direction of their supervisors

2. Ministry to students in a camp setting. 

We believe that competence in these two areas are an important balance for anyone who sees ANY type of ministry in their future.

This internship program will:

  • Ensure the assignment of challenging projects and tasks through a clerical nature.
  • Give broad exposure to the organization (remember: this is a chance for them to personally experience ministry beginning with the idea stage to planning and then implementation, as well as onsite supervision and completion.
  • Provide adequate, reliable and regular supervision and mentoring.
  • Ensure interns are keeping pace and accomplishing goals.
  • Introduce the intern to a network of ministry professionals with whom they can network and glean real life experiences and coaching.

We want our interns to leave this program with an amazing experience of hands on ministry as well as realization of how much time, effort and hard work excellence in ministry requires. Our desire is to give them a front row seat to what it takes to produce quality ministry with quality care and service.

Additional Information: 

Location and Hours - There are two intern positions available: One for the Northern Region camp, which will be located in Columbus for pre-camp work (May-June 17th), then Louisville during camp, and the second for the Southern Region camp located in Morrow for the duration of the internship. Pre-camp work hours will be 20 hours per week scheduled Monday to Thursday. During camp, work hours will be extended to accommodate the daily camper schedule. 

Application Deadline - All applications should be submitted by April 15, 2016. It can be completed online here, can be mailed to the State Office or emailed to / 2740 Airport Drive, Suite 310, Columbus, OH 43219 

Compensation/Housing - There is no financial compensation, however, with the number of required hours a part time job may be held, EXCEPT during the weeks of camp. It ill be required for the intern to be present for the duration of their regions camps. Housing will not be provided for the internship period before camp. Once camp begins, full housing and meals will be provided. 

Credit Hours - Because of the nature of work that will be completed, college credit hours are likely to be granted by the intern’s college. The intern will be responsible for submitting all paperwork and documentation to their school to obtain the credits. The Youth & Discipleship Department will assist in any way possible to ensure they meet their school’s requirements.

Duration - The projected start date is May 10, 2016. The Northern Region Camp Intern position will end July 7, 2016 and the Southern Region Camp Intern position will end July 14, 2016. 

Dress - Business casual attire is acceptable while working in the State Office setting prior to camp. During camp, more casual apparel may be worn in the camp office, as occasional time will be spent outdoors.