The window for submitting donations for YWEA 2016-2017 is closed as of July 24, 2017. This page will be updated with the newest project information for YWEA 2017-2018 as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your interest and support of Youth World Evangelism Action!

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Deadline to submit YWEA funds for 2017-2018 is July 2, 2018.

Funds should be sent directly to the Ohio State Office.

YWEA Report 2016-2017

TOTAL MONEY RAISED :: $16,894.62

Thank you for your giving and contributions for the children and youth of Cota, Columbia!!

This is the general video outlining the mission of the 2017 YWEA project. To download the video, go to and click download.


For Youth Pastors


I want to introduce to you what I like to call the ENVELOPE CHALLENGE!

There are two challenges available for your church, kids and youth ministries to be involved with.

This year we have a goal of $66,000 for our YWEA project in Cota, Columbia. The 50 Envelope Challenge is an easy and effective way to raise $1,275.00 for the project. 

The process is simple. The envelopes are labeled with a monetary denominations starting at $1.00 and proceed up to $50.00. I simply ask that you challenge your congregation during a youth/kids or special missions/YWEA service to distribute the envelopes for individuals to place the amount written on the envelope, in the envelope and turn into the offering plate. 

(NOTE: the individual envelopes do NOT need to be mailed to International in Cleveland, TN or the Ohio State Office. The church will collect the envelope funds and send one check into the Ohio State Office.)

Once monies raised are recorded at the State Office, all funds will be sent directly to the YWEA project at the International Offices. 

Not only do I want to reach the mission field across the world, I want to partner with your church to help you reach the local missions and support your local ministries. That is why the 100 Envelope Challenge is available, but with a twist.

The 100 envelope challenge will raise $5,050.00. Here is the twist: I want you to send half of the money, $2,525.00, to the State Office for YWEA, and then whatever ministry you designate in your local church will keep the remaining half of $2,525 (Youth Camp, Winterfest, Kidsfest, other missions or back to school backpacks, etc.). 

With a little work, we can set a new State record of $66,000 for YWEA. Helen Keller once said that "Together we can accomplish more than we ever could alone."

Let’s work together and further the Kingdom!


Bishop Scott Weaver


*Sets of 50 or 100 YWEA envelopes are available at the State Office. Please contact us if you would like some mailed to you.